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Brothers Season 3 Full Story Max TV | Ang Probinsyano

Brothers Season 3 Full Story Max TV | Ang Probinsyano

I bring to you Brothers Season 3 Full Story Max TV | Ang Probinsyano. First of all, I would like you to check out the details of the Brothers Series b

I bring to you Brothers Season 3 Full Story Max TV | Ang Probinsyano. First of all, I would like you to check out the details of the Brothers Series before you continue.

Brothers (Ang Probinsyano) Movie Details

While on tour in Afghanistan, Sam’s copter is shot down and he is presumed dead. Back home, it is his screw-up brother who looks after the family. Sam does return, but with a lot of excess baggage.

Movie Title: Brothers Season 3 Full Story
Also Known as: 
Ang Probinsyano
Release date:
 December 4, 2009 (USA)
Director: Jim Sheridan
Screenplay: David Benioff, Susanne Bier, Anders Thomas Jensen
Box office: 43.5 million USD
Producers: Ryan Kavanaugh, Sigurjón Sighvatsson, Michael DeLuca
Story by: Susanne Bier, Anders Thomas Jensen

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Brothers Season 3 Full Story Max TV | Ang Probinsyano

Season three of Brothers (Ang Probinsyano) chronicles Ricardo Dalisay De Leon and Alyana Arevalo Dalisay’s married life. After the hero stayed out of the force for a while in an attempt to stay out of trouble to protect her nuclear and extended family, Ricardo Dalisay becomes a driver.

He helps the people around him and continues to render good services to humanity till the issue of rebel groups and terrorism makes him see the need to provide a service to the Philippine nation.

Alyana has returned to her position as a reporter, this time not with the Manila Television Network (MTN) but with PNC finds herself in trouble as she is held captive by Pulang Araw. Cardo takes it upon himself to save his wife, Pinggoy, and other journalists.

Soon, Cardo is thrust back into the police force to battle rebels after a series of deadly explosions in Manila compels him to fight for his country despite his family opposes his decision. Cardo returns to the Special Action Force (SAF) of the PNP. An ill-fated mission makes Cardo discovers his body in a particular camp after the SAF’s encounter with a rebel group.

He then goes undercover and infiltrates the rebel group “Pulang Araw” which is headed by Romulo Dumaguit who is also known popularly as Leon or Pinuno. As Cardo aka Agila went undercover as Fernan and joins various missions of Pulang Araw, his perception of the rebel group quickly changes.

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Cardo discovers that “Pulang Araw” the rebel group’s image, is only stained with lies and mere deception in public eyes due to a carefully concocted smear campaign by Director Renato Hipolito.

Meanwhile, the chairwoman of the Barangay area, Councillor Gina “Coun G Konji” Magtanggol the egoistic corrupt official who takes cut of people’s hard-earned money, increasing gambling and other vices in the area join Renato Hipolito and Serrano Jacob.

Don Emilio loses trust in Ladronio in his quest to be out of prison leading to a huge misunderstanding between the two allies.

Realizing the rebel group’s true intentions, Cardo forms an alliance with Romulo to form the vigilante group, Vendetta since both share the same visions, albeit different in principles and way of fighting.

Together, as Vendetta, they managed to erase the biggest villains including the most powerful and corrupt officials in the country. However, the Director of the National Military Intelligence Group (NMIG), Diana Olegario who has been haunting Romulo for the law to deal with him and his rebel group slowly falls in love with Romulo and married him.

Romulo was also a father figure to Cardo. He modeled selflessness by sacrificing his life to save his beloved wife, Diana Olegario an Intelligence leader.

The propaganda stories about Cardo and “Pulang Araw” confuses Cardo’s family. This negatively affects their lives in Manila as rumors spread about Cardo’s survival and supposed defection into Pulang Araw, a story which Director Hipolito and Major Manolo Catindig capitalize on to destroy Cardo’s credibility, blow his cover and jeopardize his safety.

Major Catindig was earlier working under Diana Olegario as intelligence till Director Hipolito turned him against Diana for him to oppose her and their missions.

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Councillor Gina Magtanggol works against Cardo’s family due to the family’s fight for justice. She works in cohort with Renato and is behind Cardo’s family’s business and house renting problem. This is done to tame Lola Kap and her family’s will from exposing her leading corruptive rackets for her next possible seat to Mayors and to Senators.

By continuing to hide her secret syndications, Gina gains a few minions to settle their business too. She later becomes more obsessive towards Flora and the rest to make trouble and malign the name of the De Leons and Dalisay’s lovable and cheerful family.

At the camp, Cardo also has to deal with comrade rivalries arising from Alakdan (Scorpion) and a jealous Anton del Mundo alias “Tigre”  literally  Tiger, both intent on discrediting Cardo or exposing him as a fraud. After determining that Pulang Araw is not behind the acts of terrorism, he tries to win the trust of Alakdan to infiltrate Kamandag.

In the meantime, he discovers that Dela Paz and Velasco are held captive and helps them escape from the hands of Pulang Araw. He tells them of his discovery that Kamandag, a rebel group led by Homer is protected by an unknown government official who is twisting facts to demonize Pulang Araw.

Velasco and Dela Paz realize that Kamandag’s protector is discrediting Cardo. They hold a press conference to report that Cardo has died while trying to escape from Pulang Araw with them to ensure his cover. Cardo manages to win Alakdan’s trust and sends him to Manila to eliminate Director Hipolito’s fiercest rival in the senate race, Senator Mateo F. de Silva.

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Alakdan detonates a bomb without Cardo’s concern among the crowd just before de Silva announces his candidacy. However, Cardo creates a disruption without detonating a bomb and narrowly escapes de Silva and his men. The bomb incident led the De Leon’s to weep over the death of an important family member.

Filled with anguish and a zeal for revenge, Cardo, the following day, assaults Kamandag to avenge the death of his son, Ricky boy sending a wounded Alakdan and the rest of Kamandag packing. Cardo then informs Pulang Araw of the betrayal and acts of terrorism that Alakdan perpetrated.

To boost his poll ratings, Director Hipolito resolves to wipe out Pulang Araw and orders a strike on their stronghold in Mt Karagao. The ensuing encounter results in the deaths of Lawin, Lena, the daughter of Romulo (Leon), and Lena’s son, Emman.

This leads Romulo to discover that Cardo is a SAF member. Cardo and Leon resolve to join forces in order to take down Alakdan which comes about the Vendetta group. Being on the good side of Cardo, Ramil Taduran’s fate awaits a presidential amnesty.

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