Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page. Here, we are going to provide you answers for questions that frequently asked by our readers. Kindly take your time and read this FAQ and if you did not find answers to your question, send us and email or use our contact page.

Frequently Ask Question

How Long Does the Movies Stay on Your Site?

Forever. Most of the movies on our website are from external sources. This means that so long us the movie is not deleted from the external server we promise to keep it on our site forever.

Can I Download the Movies?

Yes and No. You can download most of the movies on our website. No, because in some cases you won’t be able to download. In that case the only option is to stream it.

Can I Request For Updates?

Yes! You can request updates of series or movies which you haven’t seen us writing updates about.

Do You Published Copyrighted Movies?

No! We abide by all international and local copyright rules hence we do not publish copyright movies. If we publish a movie and the own wants us to take it down even do it’s not copyright related, we will go ahead and remove it.


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