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Hidden Motives Episode 2

Hidden Motives Episode 2

Hidden Motives Episode 2 – Loneliness They all sat in the well-furnished leaving room after dinner one day. While the maid was clearing the table,

Hidden Motives Episode 2 – Loneliness

They all sat in the well-furnished leaving room after dinner one day.

While the maid was clearing the table, they were relaxing in the sitting room.

“Is just two months and I’m already getting bored whenever my husband leaves for work. I wish I have something to do, like a job. Leaving the house in the morning and coming back in the evening is really underrated. I so much crave for that but my hubby said is not necessary since he’s making enough money for the two of us…” Lucinda said to Jerome who sat beside Silas.

Jerome set the bottle of drink in his hand down and said.

“I can fix you up in my company if you want, and of course, if Silas doesn’t mind too…”

“Really, you can do that? Oh wow… I will really love that. I don’t think my husband minds…” Lucinda said before turning towards her husband “babe, do you mind”?

Silas heaped a sigh before saying “if it makes you happy, why not. I really don’t want anything that will stress you. I make enough money for both of us and can set you up business-wise if you care to venture into sales. But…is fine. If Jerome, our kind neighbor, and friend here want to give you a position in his company that’s fine by me, I trust him…”

Lucinda blew a kiss to her husband, Silas acted as if he caught it in the air making Jerome laugh.

“I truly admire you and Lucinda. Your union and marriage feel so good to watch and I’m actually learning how to treat my wife in the future…”

“It baffles me that you don’t have any woman in your life, with all this fine boy swag you got…” Lucinda said.

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Jerome smiled shyly.

Silas cut in “you make so much money from your company, you’re very Ok… comfortable yet single. You haven’t seen a woman that suits you or you’re single by choice…? Silas said the last part laughing.

“Is none of the above. Is neither by choice nor by force. I was too busy building my company and did not feel getting a woman was necessary.. not until two years ago. Well, I haven’t really seen any woman for me yet. I want to be well-established so that my future wife won’t have to suffer. You know… just like you and Lucinda. You are ready to give her an empire if she wishes. You’re about to complete your five-storey building project in one of the expensive areas, and you both go on vacation often, seeing the world and making friends. Lucinda wants to work because of boredom. That’s the kind of life I want for my woman…”Jerome said trying to sound convincing.

Silas nodded affirmatively

“Is good Jerome. Your future wife will be very pleased. So, when should I resume my new office…I can’t wait. Said Lucinda.

“, You can start on Monday. I will introduce you to all the staff by then. Whenever you’re free this weekend, you can come around the house I will put you through some of the things we do, just the basics. That’s if is okay by you or I can bring my laptop down here later to show you…”

“No..no problem. I will come around tomorrow with my husband. Thanks… I really appreciate the offer…”

Jerome tries to hide his displeasure over Lucinda coming with her husband.

After some time he left.

In the afternoon the following day, there was a knock.

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Jerome opened the door and saw Lucinda with a big bag.

“I made mushroom soup with rice and fried turkey for lunch, I brought some of it for you… ”

“Thank you, Lucinda. I was about to order food, I’m glad I waited. Please come in…”

Lucinda went in and dropped the food bag on the dining table.

“…I deeply appreciate. When will you be ready for the tutorial, what about Silas…?

“Now, that’s one of the reasons I came. My husband is taking a nap and said he won’t be coming. Our cook is getting ready for dinner so I have an hour and a few minutes to spare…”

“Fantastic, let’s begin then..” Jerome said excitedly. He was happy because Silas wasn’t coming.

He will get to have Lucinda close and all to himself.

“Do you know before I got married, I used to imagine that my hubby will be black, handsome, tall with a cute mustache and fine detentions just like you? But plans changed after I met Silas. Although he is fair he’s everything to me. I used to like my men black and never thought I will end up with a fair man. But is all to my good…”

Jerome laughed “you think I’m handsome and can pass for your man..?

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“Of course Jerome, I’m sure this is not your first time hearing that. It was before I met my husband I used to think like that but not again. Silas made me fall in love easily with his sweet personality and I have never stopped loving him ever since…”

“You said you have been married for three years, you don’t want kids yet or… hope this is not a funny question. Pardon me if it appears offensive…” Jerome said pleadingly.

“Is fine. Initially, we wanted to wait for a year or two before babies. We planned to enjoy each other’s company and savor every moment of it before making plans for the kids. After two years we were ready for a baby but it never came. We are following our medical journey in achieving that. I and my hubby are hopeful that in the end, it will be positive…”Lucinda said returning her attention to the laptop that was placed in front of her.

Jerome nodded and said “it will, definitely. Let me put you through the office stuffs”

After a while, Lucinda said “is not too difficult. I easily grab things. I bet you by the time I start work it won’t take a week and I will be perfect with the job…”

“I’m glad. You’re a fast learner Lucinda and Silas are very lucky to have you as his wife. I hope someday I will get a woman like you in my life…”

Lucinda smiled, she Pats him gently on the shoulder and said. “Your future wife will be far better than me, that’s my prayer for you. I will be heading back, my husband hates losing sight of me for too long. He must be worried by now because is almost one hour that I have been gone…”

She was about to stand when Jerome loosed focus and kissed her cheeks.

“Ooh..oh no…I… I’m sorry Lucinda. I’m very sorry. I got carried away with you sitting very close to me, your scent is so inviting. Your beauty radiates like the sun. This is no flattery and I mean no harm. I promise it will never happen again. I promise… please. Please Lucinda try not to tell your husband, I beg of you…”

Lucinda stares at him for some time before saying “yea…is alright. It was just a peck… nothing serious. Silas will have your head if he finds out, so it better not happen again…”

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She started walking towards the door after asking Jerome to come and open the door so that she can leave.

Jerome who was too ashamed to get up due to his manhood was already malfunctioning and there was an obvious swelling in his zip side. He remained seated.

Lucinda got to the door and stood waiting for him.

There was a knock all of a sudden.

“That must be my husband, please come and open the door..” Lucinda said impatiently.

Jerome’s heart skipped as he started looking around for something to cover up the obvious bulge in his trouser but there was nothing that he can quickly lay his hands on.

He looked towards Lucinda and saw that she was looking straight at the swell in his trouser.

The knocking came harder, Jerome started moving towards the door ashamed while trying to avoid Lucinda’s stare.

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