These are the few steps which you need to keep in mind while applying for a scholarship for yourself:

1. Reach out to others for information

Don’t be hesitant while reaching out to those have already studied abroad. You can also get in touch with your universities international students cell, financial aid office and ask them about the scholarships that they know of.

2. Research thoroughly

Go online and get details regarding all the scholarships available. The toughest thing about getting a scholarship is finding the right one to apply to. So keep a detail of all the scholarships you can apply for, because the more you apply, the more your chances are of getting one.

3. Get in touch with your university or scholarship funder

If you are not able to get the information you need regarding the scholarship of your choice, and then try to contact your scholarship provider directly. This is the best way of knowing all the details with regards to your preferred scholarship.





4. Work on your resume

An excellent resume is essential for each scholarship you are applying for and it needs to be customized accordingly. The cover letter also forms a vital part of your scholarship application, as it makes gives reasons for why you deserve the particular scholarship.

5. Give strong references

Many study abroad scholarships expects you to write essays and give academic or professional references. For this you might have to reach out to your professors or direct managers and ask for a letter of recommendation.

6. Follow your deadlines




Each and every scholarship has a time period for applying. So adhere to your deadlines and be sure to complete your application well in advance. Being organized is of the utmost importance, If you want to apply for more than one scholarship.




7. Apply

Once you have completed your groundwork, submit your application. Make sure you do it well in advance of the deadline as you may require extra time at the end of it.

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