Love by Chance Ending Explained

Love by Chance Ending Explained

Love by Chance Ending Explained >> Congratulations! You found it. Spoiler Alert: In this article, you are going to discover Love by Chance Endin

Love by Chance Ending Explained >> Congratulations! You found it. Spoiler Alert: In this article, you are going to discover Love by Chance Ending Explained. I will reveal to you how it happened in the paragraphs that follows. Read the extracts to find out what will happen in Love by Chance Ending.

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How it Started: The Love by Chance

The story tell about true love that happened by chance. In this series, there is a shy boy called PETE who needs to find his love. He is always shy every time and say only polite words. You can hear most every things He say will has the word “Krub”.

PETE tries to start a relationship with a senior guy name Tump. Tump didn’t like him, he just like PETE’s money. This makes PETE always feel hurt and because of that PETE decided to tell his mother about who he was [gây] in terms of his love life. His father is rich but his parents are divorced. PETE stay with his lovely mom and doesn’t want his mother hurt again.

This make it ever more hard for him to tell his mother. In this case because they are only two in his family not like TIN and CAN, their family do not worry about who they relate with. Family become sad mood because of his mother worried although she understand but she cannot hind her caring.

PETE is still hurts by TUMP who want to extort his money. By chance, AE saw and come to save PETE at that time, AE do not know them. PETE falls in love with AE even though he knows AE is not a gäy. So their relationship starts like a friendship.

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How It Is Going: Love by Chance Ending Explained

They are studying in the same University but PETE learning in interclass while AE in normal class [Thai class]. Normally both students class will not be close each other because they have a different role and it’s difficult to meet.

PETE is always the first to go to the normal class just to see AE’s face. It makes PETE meet other friends in AE’s football team before that PETE has only TIN to be his best friend. AE helps PETE to do many things and became like a bodyguard to him.

They kept getting closer and closer together but TIN dislikes show close they are getting. He hates people who are not better than him like AE. At that time, PETE asked TIN for help to get back the money and ring that  he gave to TUMP.

TIN did it easily and he requested that PETE break up the relationship with AE and his friends. He thinks AE and his friends are looking for something from PETE. He believes AE is an opportunist who looks for rich people like PETE as his target.

AE felt bad for TIN’s word because he is not rich, not tall or handsome and he can not help PETE like TIN do. TIN asked PETE to be his boyfriend and not to worry about money or suitability but PETE rejected TIN because he doesn’t have any feelings of love for him. He still chooses AE.

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At that time, AE has a little change, He do not look PETE like friend ever, He try to open his heart with PETE because AE isn’t gay at first. He try to be a good one for PETE, He came back to study and also learn how to be more happy for PETE.

PETE blame himself for allowing AE to become gay but after a while they try to understand each other then they become lovers.

PETE’s family is better when his mother know AE more and TIN become a second intern student who follow PETE to football ground because He fell in love with CAN.

This time PETE’s old friend returns. She tries to convince PETE to accept her love and this makes AE and PETE misunderstand each other. They are more jealous because the girl who’s crazy with AE appears too.

Worst thing, TUMP came back and now he can slêêp with a guy. He has an evil plan to get PETE back to him. AE must find a way to fight and help protect PETE from TUMP. This got PETE ending up in the hospital.

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Love by Chance Ending Explained

Talking about AE and PETE’s relationship, he told PETE’s fathers that he want to get PETE back with his new family. Even though PETE’s mother try to protect them but she cannot. His father wants to prove this love because AE has noting suitability with his son. He think their love will not go on for long. He does not believe in  this two boys.

So PETE surrender to do with his father contract to keep his love. He breaks up with AE and is unwilling to leave his mother alone and follow his father to France. In contrast, everything will end when PETE graduated in his new University but before that they cannot meet each other.

After PETE’s gone AE, he chose to take care of PETE’s mother, and he did it for 3 years.  AE was taller and was good looking more than he was previously. Sometimes he sleeps in PETE’s bedroom to take care PETE’s mother and now AE become popular because he’s grown up.

After graduation PETE gets back to find AE first. He is scared AE will find a new lover but when PETE met with AE again, that when he realized AE was stills waiting for him even though it took a long time for him to return. The story still continue to go on after this, but for this season, this will be the Love by Chance Starlife Ending. Their love won.

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