Top 5 Most Popular Black Naruto Characters

Top 5 Most Popular Black Naruto Characters

Most Popular Black Naruto Characters | Naruto is one of the most popular manga series of all time. The manga series follows Naruto Uzumaki, a young ni

Most Popular Black Naruto Characters | Naruto is one of the most popular manga series of all time. The manga series follows Naruto Uzumaki, a young ninja seeking acclaim from his classmates and aspiring to become a village leader.

The story has been adapted countless times for magazines and television shows, making it one of the most common in anime. Despite the fact that the series is focused on Japanese culture and characters, you may have noticed that there are black individuals.

Isn’t it difficult to believe? So, who are the Naruto characters who are black?

Are there any Naruto characters who are black? Dark-skinned characters are difficult to recognize in anime, but times have changed. Anime is predominantly produced in Japan, yet it is enjoyed globally by a varied range of ethnic and racial groups. Some of your favorite anime and movies recognize this, as seen by the presence of black characters.

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Naruto, one of the most renowned in the niche, has set a great example by having black characters. So, are there black female Naruto characters?

The Top 5 Most Popular Black Naruto Characters

Reviewers have always had good words for Naruto’s plot and character development. The manga has an amazing storyline and well-executed fight scenes. That is why it is one of the best-selling manga series, having sold over 250 million volumes.

Another amazing thing about the manga series is that it has an amazing collection of black characters. So, who is the black dude in Naruto? Check out the list of the 5 Most Popular Black Naruto Characters below to find out.

1. Kidomaru

Kidomaru is one of the most outspoken black male anime characters in Naruto. He is a member of Sound Village (Otogakure) and Sound Flare. The character’s complexion, of course, is dark-skinned, which makes him a black character. Kidomaru also has a ponytail of shaggy black hair and black eyes.

The character regarded battles as a game and always fought with a laid-back demeanour. Therefore, Kidomaru loved combat and found powerful opponents entertaining. He lost the battle with the Konoha genius Neji.

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2. Killer B

Is Naruto’s Killer Bee black? Yes, the character is black. Killer B’s rhymes were terrible, but his skills as the Eight-Tails’ jinchū-riki were incredible. The story of the Naruto character is intriguing since it is one of overcoming adversity in his early years.

Killer B was shunned by his villagers and turned to rap as a coping strategy to get over it all. One of the most striking aspects of Killer B is that, despite his difficulties, he is strong and proud of himself.

Naruto has a muscular physique, a goatee, oval-shaped sunglasses, and white forehead protection. Killer B’s origin tale of overcoming discrimination is an excellent example for individuals who may face similar challenges in society. And he demonstrates how to deal with it. With a song and a smile.

3. Omoi

In Naruto, Omoi is a cautious and analytical character with dark skin. He has short, spiky white hair and dark eyes with arched eyelashes from the corners.

Omoi is more level-headed than his teammate, Karui, because he is more cautious. He thinks long and hard before acting. Darui, on the other hand, has a vivid imagination and can exaggerate the effects of trivial situations.

Omoi can also become deadly serious. He is so proficient in Kenjutsu that Sasori congratulated him. Omoi has extensive expertise with lightning release and cooperation tactics, both alone and with others.

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4. Darui

Darui is the Hidden Cloud’s strongest ninja. He has a big nose and is tall and dark-skinned. Darui has bored-looking eyes and shaggy white hair that covers his left eye. He has the ninja look, always clad in a sleeveless uniform and baggy slacks.

The character is very apologetic, which causes him to apologize frequently. That’s why he comes out as understanding. Darui is a strong and skilled shinobi despite his soft traits.

5. Chocho Akimichi

If you’ve ever wondered, “Who is the black girl in Naruto?” now you know. It’s the lovely Chocho Akimichi. She has dark skin, amber-colored eyes, and a bigger physique. Her dark hair was inherited from her father, and she wore it in two spiky ponytails with a pink hair band.

Chocho is not just a fantastic character, but he is also self-assured. Furthermore, she is a sympathetic character who expresses strong emotions, particularly for her best friend, Sarada. Chocho also makes time to help people who are going through a difficult moment.

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The black Naruto characters have some outstanding characteristics. You will fall in love with them right away. The trend of including black characters has begun, and many anime programs are following suit.

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