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My Desire Full Story Starlife, Details, Cast & Summary

My Desire Full Story Starlife, Details, Cast & Summary

Are you a fan of the My Desire Starlife Series? If you have been looking for My Desire Full Story Starlife then search no further. The release date fo

Are you a fan of the My Desire Starlife Series? If you have been looking for My Desire Full Story Starlife then search no further. The release date for My Desire Starlife was on the 9th of June 2022. Preesha’s life revolves around her son Saaransh, while Rudraksh is an insensitive Rockstar. When an unfortunate event brings these two strangers to a crossroads, there might be a new beginning for them.

My Desire Starlife Full Story, Cast, Plot Summary & Teasers

On June 9th, 2022, the new show “My Desire Starlife” made its debut, taking the place of “Dream Girl.” The story revolves around two strangers, Preesha and Rudraksh, whose lives intersect after an unforeseen event.

Preesha’s world revolves around her son, Saaransh, while Rudraksh is a carefree and insensitive rockstar. But this chance encounter may bring about a fresh start for both of them.

My Desire Starlife Details

Genre Romance
First Episode 9 June 2022
Total number of episodes 655
Total numbers of the season Two
Channel StarLife Africa
Network Star Plus TV
Original name Yeh Hai Chahatein
Tele Country Indian
Last Episode Nil
Time Slot Monday – Sunday 6 pm (CAT)
My Desire Starlife Details


My Desire Starlife is the tale of Preesha, a single mother who has raised her son, Saraansh, with love and devotion equal to that of both a mother and a father.

The first episode introduces us to Preesha, who is set to marry Yuvraj, a man driven solely by the desire to acquire Saraansh’s trust fund. Saraansh is the son of Preesha’s late sister, Mahima, and Rudraksh’s older brother, Rajeev. Preesha took in Saraansh and raised him as her own, believing that Mahima had passed away. However, Preesha becomes a suspect in Rajeev’s murder, and Rudraksh marries her in a plot for revenge. He quickly realizes that Preesha is innocent and begins to develop feelings for her, while also growing to love Saraansh as his own child.

As their love blossoms, Mahima returns, causing chaos as she seeks to reclaim Saraansh for financial gain. Together with Yuvraj, she makes life difficult for Preesha and Rudraksh. But Preesha and Rudraksh are able to outsmart her and have her arrested. The story takes another turn with the arrival of Sulochana (Rudraksh’s mother) and her son, Kabir. They, too, have their sights set on the Khurana property and are willing to use Rudraksh’s emotions to get what they want.

My Desire Starlife Full Story

Preesha Srinivasan is single-handedly raising her nephew, Saransh, after the death of her sister, Mahima, during childbirth. She despises Rudraksh “Rudra” Khurana, a wealthy rockstar who doesn’t believe in love and happens to be Saransh’s uncle. Her friend Yuvraj, a lawyer, pretends to be in love with her to advance his career and gain a promotion from her father, a judge. Upon discovering that Saransh is Rudra’s nephew, Yuvraj blackmails Rudra for money and ultimately kills Rajeev. To protect her son, Preesha takes the blame for the murder. In revenge, Rudra marries Preesha on their wedding day, promising to take custody of Saransh. Preesha is eventually proven innocent and she agrees to stay in the Khurana household for the sake of her son. As they pretend to be a loving couple for Saransh’s benefit, they begin to develop genuine feelings for each other.

Throughout the series, Rudra and Preesha face challenges and overcome obstacles as they bond and grow closer. Rudra helps Saransh get into a good school, and he and Preesha work together to find him after he is kidnapped. Through it all, Rudra struggles to express his feelings for Preesha, and she begins to question her own feelings for him. However, a misunderstanding caused by a music producer threatens to tear them apart. Despite his love for Preesha, Rudra tries to keep her away from him. In the end, he confesses his love for her and they go on a honeymoon to start their relationship anew. But their happiness is short-lived as the return of evil Mahima puts Saransh’s trust fund and custody at risk.

Mahima wins custody of Saransh, but Preesha joins forces with Rudra and Yuvraj to uncover her true nature. Pretending to betray Rudra, Preesha enters into a fake marriage with Yuvraj while Rudra agrees to marry Mahima in an effort to keep her from taking Saransh away. Preesha ultimately confesses her love to Rudra, and they share a kiss at Christmas.

However, Mahima discovers their plan with the help of Yuvraj, and sets out to destroy the evidence against her. She substitutes Rudra with a look-alike named Bhuvan, leading Preesha to mistakenly believe she has consummated the fake marriage with him. This breaks Preesha’s heart, causing her to turn against Rudra. Bhuvan continues to pursue Preesha as Rudra.

Balraj uncovers the truth but is murdered by Mahima and Bhuvan. The real Rudra is arrested, but Preesha eventually realizes the imposter does not have Rudra’s birthmark. Mahima is also arrested. Rudra and Preesha finally find happiness and share a possessive moment, with Rudra declaring that nothing will come between them again.

However, Rudra discovers his birth mother, Sulochana, and half-brother Kabir, who are after the Khurana wealth. Preesha tries to reveal the truth to Rudra but repeatedly fails. Meanwhile, Rudra expresses his desire to have a child with Preesha and tries to find ways for them to become intimate. Kabir manipulates Ahana into helping him obtain the property by marrying her, with the intention of receiving custody of Saransh. However, Rudra is kidnapped with Mahima’s help.

Preesha goes undercover and rescues Rudra, while Mahima flees. The family moves to Goa, but Preesha plots to stop Kabir and Ahana’s marriage, resulting in Ahana marrying Yuvraj instead. Ahana subsequently flees to London. Rudra becomes upset with Preesha but eventually makes up with her after saving her from drowning. Mishka and Kabir elope and marry, gaining custody of Saransh. Mishka threatens to blow herself and Saransh up if the police get involved, but Rudra manages the situation. Tragically, Preesha secretly calls the police, leading to the presumed deaths of both Saransh and Mishka. Rudra blames Preesha for Saransh’s death, while she blames Rudra for not trusting her earlier. The couple eventually gets divorced, with Rudra promising never to sing again after losing his son. Six months later, Preesha nearly falls off a cliff but is saved by Armaan Thakur.

Preesha lives with Armaan and his daughter Anvi in Goa, while Rudra works as a manager at a hotel in Delhi, where he meets Armaan’s sister Devika and develops feelings for her. However, when Rudra and Preesha finally meet in Goa, Rudra mistakenly assumes that Preesha is married to Armaan, leading to a confrontational encounter at a party. To make Preesha jealous, Rudra proposes to Devika, but when goons attack Preesha, Rudra saves her and they end up in a compromising position. The two of them discover that Mishka is alive and living with Ahana, and while spying on them, they recall their past together. Eventually, Devika is found dead and Preesha is arrested, but Rudra saves her and reveals that he still loves her.

Rudra and Preesha’s pre-wedding festivities begin, but Rudra becomes suspicious of Armaan. At the sangeet, Rudra sings their special song “Will You Marry Me” to Preesha, helping their son Saaransh remember some memories. Meanwhile, Preesha misunderstands Rudra due to manipulation by Sania, leading her to believe that Rudra has moved on. However, Rudra arrives at the wedding to stop it and professes his love for Preesha, revealing that their son is alive. Preesha presents Krishna, who is actually Saaransh, and shows Rudra his birthmark. Eventually, Ahaana and Mishka are arrested and Preesha and Rudra’s love story reaches a happy conclusion.

Rudra and Preesha tie the knot in two separate ceremonies, one in a South Indian style and the other in a Punjabi style. Saransh regains his memories. Preesha experiences a grand housewarming ceremony at the Khurana household. Armaan sneaks into the Khurana house and places itching powder on their bed. Despite the intrusion, Rudra refuses to let the evening be ruined and takes Preesha to the bathroom for a shower. He openly confronts Armaan and threatens him for his actions. Preesha expresses her desire for Rudra to return to his career as a rockstar. They are informed by their lawyers that they have been appointed as the legal guardians of Saransh and have acquired all of their property. Throughout their marriage, Rudra and Preesha engage in role-playing and fulfilling each other’s fantasies. However, Rudra becomes increasingly frustrated as their attempts at intimacy are continually thwarted. At a press conference, they announce their happiness as a family, which makes Anvi jealous. Anvi tries to run over Saransh with a car, but Sharda saves him and is injured instead.

Mr. Ahuja informs Rudra that he must depart for Shimla for a concert tour. Armaan and Sania arrive, pretending to fix their marriage. Armaan gives Mr. Ahuja a drink that damages his voice. Preesha manages to save the day when Rudra has a panic attack after losing his voice. Rudraksh dedicates a special song to Preesha and puts on a fantastic performance.

Rudra and Armaan get into a heated argument, and Armaan confesses to his meddling. He provokes Rudra by suggesting they swap wives for one night, which leads to a physical altercation. Armaan spikes Rudra’s drink and leaves him highly upset. Preesha tries to calm him down, but their attempts at intimacy are disrupted. Armaan and Sania set a trap for Rudra, but he and Preesha outsmart them with the help of Mishka. Rudra expresses his desire to plan their wedding night again since he doesn’t remember it, and they come up with new plans. Preesha wears provocative nightwear and handcuffs Rudra, while Rudra books a private suite for them. Preesha books a hotel where they role-play as strangers, but their plans are repeatedly interrupted in a comical manner. Rudra and Preesha try to set up Mishka and Param, Rudra’s new manager. Preesha rejoins her job at the hospital and Rudra helps her out.

After being missing for ten years, Preesha’s brother, Venkatesh “Venky” Srinivasan, was found. He had attempted suicide due to a false molestation charge and was kept hidden by GPS. Preesha was thrilled to have him back, but Rudra was wary of him. Venky attempted to disrupt Param and Mishka’s wedding as Mishka was the one who falsely accused him. Rudra discovered this and warned Venky, but Venky dared Rudra that Preesha wouldn’t believe him. Venky caused a rift between Rudra and Preesha, but eventually, Rudra exposed him. Preesha apologized to Rudra and asked him to make love to her, leading to a night of intimacy between the two. Tragically, the next morning, Venky kidnapped Saaransh, causing Rudra to get into a fight with him. Venky was shot and Preesha took the blame to save Rudra, and was sentenced to death. However, Yuvraj Pillai helped her escape from jail, as she was pregnant, and they staged her death to save her child.

Five years later, Preesha was raising her and Rudraksh’s daughter Ruhi Khurana, while Rudra had become a bitter alcoholic consumed by memories of Preesha. When Rudra was performing in Rohtak, where Preesha was hiding with Ruhi, he rescued Ruhi who was a talented singer like himself and the two began to bond. Preesha snuck into Rudra’s concert, and he caught a glimpse of her before she ran away. Rudra went in search of her, and Ruhi rescued him from some goons. Ruhi hid Rudra at a cottage, and he eventually met Preesha. Despite some hits and misses, they both realized the other was nearby their touch. Rudra and Ruhi formed a strong bond, and Ruhi wanted Rudra to be her father. Bunty found out Preesha was alive and told her about Rudra’s search for her, but she made him promise not to tell Rudra anything. Yuvraj caused a misunderstanding, but Rudra and Preesha eventually reunited as Rudra rescued Ruhi and himself from a fire.

Rudra confronted Preesha for hiding from him, and she admitted to doing it to protect him, but he told her his life was meaningless without her. Yuvraj manipulated the situation by claiming that Ruhi was his daughter as a result of Preesha cheating on Rudra. Preesha felt pressured to save Rudra and fell into Yuvraj’s trap. Rudra became angry with Preesha. Ruhi attempted to reconcile Rudra and Preesha, and the three ended up stuck in a jungle, where they spent quality time as a family. Rudra continued to question Preesha, who moved to Delhi with Ruhi and worked at the Khurana school. They eventually uncovered a scam that Bunty had orchestrated for money. Bunty put Preesha and Ruhi’s life in danger, but Rudra rescued them. Saaransh was shocked to find out that Preesha was alive. Ruhi needed blood, which was the same as Rudra’s rare blood group, and Preesha finally told Rudra that Ruhi was their daughter. Rudra saved Ruhi but was furious with Preesha. He asked the police to arrest her and revealed that she was his wife and still alive. Saaransh and Ruhi decided to get Preesha out of jail and teach Rudra a lesson for sending their mother to jail.

Preesha’s case is reopened and she is represented by a new lawyer, Vaijanti, hired by Saaransh. Despite his anger towards Preesha, Rudra yields to the kids’ demands and allows them to speak to her. After Preesha is granted bail, she and Rudra are forced to spend the night at a hotel. Rudra contracts chicken pox and Preesha cares for him, tying him to the bed, feeding and washing him, despite his protests. The kids bring Preesha back to the Khurana house, where the truth about Venky’s murder is finally revealed and Vaijanti is arrested. Rudra realizes that Preesha had been trying to protect him all along. The family happily reunites and Rudra takes Preesha on a romantic date, but they keep the truth about Rudra being Ruhi’s father a secret.

However, their peace is disrupted by Dev, a school bully who starts harassing Ruhi and Saaransh. To be close to Preesha, Rudra begins teaching music at the Khurana school. Preesha shows Rudra old tapes of their daughter and they enjoy their time together. But their happiness is short-lived when Yuvraj spikes Preesha’s drink and tries to film her, only to be caught by Rudra. During Holi, Ruhi discovers the truth about Rudra being her father and the couple promises to never fight again.

However, their relationship is put to the test when Yuvraj reveals to Rudra that Preesha had known he was responsible for Rajeev’s murder all these years. The revelation leads to a fight between Rudra and Preesha, causing Yuvraj to flee. In a moment of panic, Rudra and Preesha hide Dev’s body after Saaransh accidentally kills him while defending Ruhi. Despite the stress, Rudra tries to keep up appearances in front of the family and pretends everything is normal.

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Main Cast

  • Sargun Kaur Luthra plays the role of Dr. Preesha Khurana, a gynecologist and the wife of Rudraksh. She is also the mother of Ruhi, the aunt and adoptive mother of Saransh, and the younger daughter of Vasudha and Gopal. Preesha is a kind and caring individual who works as a gynecologist. She lives with her parents and is deeply affected by her sister’s death. She falls in love with Rudraksh and fights for him against all odds.
  • Abrar Qazi plays Rudraksh “Rudra” Khurana, a rockstar and the husband of Preesha. He is also the father of Ruhi and the uncle and adoptive father of Saransh. Rudraksh is initially depicted as a spoiled and stubborn individual who is proud of his female fan following. However, as the story progresses, it is revealed that he had a difficult childhood due to his father’s abuse.
  • Swarna Pandey plays Ruhi Khurana, the daughter of Preesha and Rudraksh, and the cousin and adopted sister of Saransh.
  • Krish Chugh plays Saransh Khurana, the son of Mahima and Rajeev, the nephew and adopted son of Preesha and Rudraksh, and the cousin and adopted brother of Ruhi. The character of child Saransh is portrayed by Vidhaan Sharma, Yagya Bhasin, and Ali Dhuru.

My Desire Starlife Review:

The show My Desire Starlife sheds light on the challenges faced by a single mother and the persistent societal reminder of loneliness. Despite the difficulties, Preesha rises to the occasion and raises Saraansh with all her love. Unfortunately, the series lacks originality in its storyline and falls short in terms of introducing new elements to the plot.

My Desire Teasers


My Desire Starlife” is a story of two people with completely different personalities who come together in unexpected circumstances. Preesha is a devoted mother who prioritizes her son Saaransh above all else, while Rudraksh is a talented but insensitive rockstar.

Despite their differences, the events of Venky’s murder bring them together and they eventually find a new beginning. The cast of the show delivers strong performances, making the story come to life. With its gripping plot twists and intense moments, “My Desire Starlife” keeps the audience hooked from start to finish.

The story showcases how two unlikely individuals can come together and find love in the midst of chaos. The teasers for this show promise an even more thrilling journey, making it a must-watch for fans of the genre.

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