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The Blood Moon Full Story Summary

The Blood Moon Full Story Summary

This is The Blood Moon Full Story Summary. If you read this summary, you should have a complete idea of the whole movie. This will reveal a lot of thi

This is The Blood Moon Full Story Summary. If you read this summary, you should have a complete idea of the whole movie. This will reveal a lot of things that will surprise you about the Blood Moon series. Have a good read!

The Blood Moon Full Story Summary 

The Blood Moon Full Story Summary Introduction

Lia Ortega and Mateo Rodriguez abandon their respective destinies as chosen ones to become a couple. Their earlier mission was to instill peace and love among werewolves, vampires, and mortals for them to live amicably on earth but at a point, the two forgo their purpose to engage in a romantic relationship after their last war with the evil vampire, Magnus Imperial.

This changed their mission and purpose as their core wish now is to give their daughter a better life away from their respective clans as werewolves and vampires.

After Mateo, a vampire, and Lia, a werewolf embark on the unity project with Mateo kìlling the evil vampire who kìlled Mateo’s father and set the earth under disrepute formed the La Liga Unida (LLU), a unity bond ensuring no creature makes the other prey.

Mateo (vampire) together with Luna Soldiers (mostly mortals), wolves formed the LLU, and each member is accustomed to the bond. The two mighty creatures, Mateo and Lia then fall in love with each other after sealing the unity bond, thinking their task was accomplished. Unaware of a creature Barang has created to conflict with their task.

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They then give birth to Malia (a name combination of Mateo and Lia and a reflection of the two formidable forces in one person) who is stillborn. The two mighty creatures conferred their power on the child to resurrect her. Jethro, a seer now prophesied that the earlier prophecy has changed as there is a new chosen one coming from the new world brought forth by Mateo and Lia since a new evil vampire with a cursed ink will emerge.

And the prophecy is fulfilled as Sandrino, a son of Magnus Imperial is still bitter with how Matteo kìlled his father without showing him mercy even when he begged Matteo a number of times to spare his father’s life and give him a second chance to make things right for the better.

Mateo believes Magnus’s transgressions to humanity are beyond repair and he kìlled Magnus. Magnus has widely known as rapìst aside from his other evil acts. He is believed to have raped Maria, Sandrino’s mother, and Rica, the mother of Tristan.

Soon, after her rape, Tonio, a Luna Soldier who helped Mateo to bring an end to Magnus married Rica. During an award ceremony, Rica who had a baby bump received a prophecy from Jethro that under a full moon the son she would give birth to and a chosen one’s powers will merge to bring an end to the vampire with a cursed ink.

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The prophecy gets Supremo agitated as he bared the cursed ink. Cursed ink is a cursed spell that consumes all the goodness in man’s heart, it causes them to have bad intentions, rage, and anger and has no heart for people but also becomes stronger.

Before Sandrino became Supremo, he was a mortal child whose mother, Maria Villalobos despised due to how Magnus raped her. She showed the resentment she had for the father to the child instead. She starves him forcing the boy to feed on live animals like fowl. Through that, the boy begins to have to alter ego, a secondary personality that does things beyond his control.

Due to the maltreatment he has been suffering, he was fighting to be loved and become like any normal kid but his suffering reached its peak when he bit and suck the blood of a boy. Realizing what he alter ego has done he apologised but his mother pushes him off a balcony with the intention to k!ll him. Surprisingly he did not die. His alter ego equally pushed his mother from the same balcony and the woman died.

Sandrino is later seen by Rica who showed him love and calls him Gilbert Imperial meaning the chosen one, the name she intends to give Tristan. When the Lunas capture Rica and k!ll Sandrino, Barang, a foster mother of Sandrino invokes the spell of the Cursed Ink, conferring upon him protection from all weapons and transforming him into a vampire to avenge his race. Barang fuels the anger of Sandrino until the curse consumes his soul.

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When everything seems normal for the chosen ones, Mateo and Lia as they have carried on with their lives as mortals with their seven years daughter, Malia after they lost their formidable power when they used it to resurrect their daughter.

They fail to attend LLU meetings and lead their simple lives in San Isidro devoid of worries and fighting. They enjoyed their mortal beings and fail to talk to their daughter about who they really are. Waiting to confirm their human nature under the blood moon and it happens as they wanted, they are mortals.

They have plans for the future of their daughter, however, their wish for their daughter is crushed when Jethro sees a new prophecy of the chosen one again. The prophecy gets on Supremo’s nerves and together with his minions, they embark on a manhunt for Malia.

Possessing a great power, Supremo captures Jethro to force him to reveal whether he is the vampire he saw Malia kìlling. As the seer failed to talk, he holds him hostage. Together with his rebel vampires, they smite female children of seven years, this compelled Veruska, a wolf whose husband is the Lord Sentinel of the LLU council to betray her clan by revealing where Lia and Mateo are hiding with their daughter.

Although Baristo tries to make Mateo and Lia evade the bad fate by fleeing from their hidden abode, the couple soon is found by Sandrino’s minions and the former chosen ones died in the fight to protect Malia. Sandrino took joy when he finished off Mateo, Lia, and a child with a belief that he would now reign forever.

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Unbeknownst, Baristo saves Malia, and the LLU members who survived the massacre go into hiding to train Malia for 14 years to help her unleash her formidable power during her 21st birthday under the full moon before the blood moon or the super moon to take down Supremo. However, the expectations of the LLU greet with hitches as Malia’s power fails to manifest sending the camp into disrepute.

Tristan also loses his father, Tonio after a vampire kìlls him during the massacre when he was protecting little Tristan from Supremo’s minions. After his foster father’s funeral, he is taken away from San Isidro to Manila, and 14 years later he becomes a mechanic and a driver who has the will power to avenge Tonio’s death.

He joins Moonchasers, an anti-vampire association to find a lasting solution in finding the existence of vampires and get rid of them.

Sandrino now assumes the leadership of his race and becomes the Supremo, the King of evil vampires and architect of a utopian world without werewolves where humans exist solely as their food source.

End of The Blood Moon Full Story Summary.

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