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The Stepdaughters Summary Full Story

The Stepdaughters Summary Full Story

This is the Stepdaughters Summary Full Story. If you read this summary, you should have a complete idea of the whole movie. This will reveal a lot of

This is the Stepdaughters Summary Full Story. If you read this summary, you should have a complete idea of the whole movie. This will reveal a lot of things that will surprise you about the Stepdaughters series. Have a good read!

The Stepdaughters Summary (Full Story)

The Stepdaughters Summary Introduction

The Stepdaughters tells the story of two families, the Dela Rosas and the Salvadors who are friends from a humble beginning. Luisa Dela Rosa is married to Mario Dela Rosa and has a daughter called Mayumi. They lead a simple life in the slums of Quezon City.

Mario Dela Rosa comes home one day to meet the unfortunate news that he and his wife, Luisa Dela Rosa, and daughter Mayumi Dela Rosa have lost all their belongings through a fire that burnt their house, and are forced to live under the mercy of Salvador.

Hernan’s Loyalty

Hernan is exceptionally loyal to Mario because he saved him from an out-of-control truck, driven by a middle-aged lady that nearly hit him. The lady, who introduced herself as a cosmetics company owner is also grateful to Mario for helping her evade an accident.

However, Hernan Salvador’s wife, Brenda who is pessimistic, nagging, and self-centered cruelly fights with Mayumi and her mother, Luisa over a ruined makeup kit that is destroyed by her own spoilt daughter, Isabelle Salvador, and blames Mayumi for it. Brenda also doesn’t like the idea of the Dela Rosas’ living with them as she believes that her husband is attracted to Mario’s wife.

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The Dela Rosas are compelled to leave the house of the Salvadors to instill peace in the family. Discovering that Mario has a heart problem, Brenda rats the driver out to his boss for Mario to lose his job.

At that time Mario will celebrate the birthday of his daughter the next day, after failed attempts to get his boss to give him back his job, he decides to use the date of birth of his daughter to stake a lotto so that when he wins he can give his daughter and wife a better life.

Hernan’s Heart Attack

Unfortunately, Hernan had a heart attack after winning the numbers. This is the first time that he has won the lottery, 120million, and has so many in mind to accomplish for his only daughter. He is hoping to give his daughter, Mayumi the best and bought the favorite story of his daughter for her.

The man suffers a heart attack while talking with his wife on phone. He could not tell her the good news. The storybook he bought for Mayumi which inside it his winning numbers were in fell into the van that he drives. He dies, however, the storybook which contains his fortune is now in the possession of his best friend, Hernan who claims the money and enriches himself and his family with it.

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The fortune of the Dela Rosa family was not known by the real beneficiaries. Fate had played with the Dela Rosa family so hard that when they finally meet the Salvadors after a long time, it was a different story now.

Hernan Loses Wife to Cancer

Hernan has lost his wife due to cancer and now owns a great cosmetic firm which he establishes with the help of the middle-aged woman that promised to award Mario for saving his life.

Members of the principal families struggle through truth and integrity, love, passion, power, and money. For the Dela Rosa family, as long as they stick together and view life differently, they persevere through all their struggles.

Mayumi and Isabelle are now beautiful young ladies. Mayumi even though struggled, she gains the best education to become a chemistry graduate and is employed by Hernan as a way of helping the family after escaping with their fortune.

Isabelle who had been influenced and poisoned by her late mother keeps on inflicting pain on Mayumi when they met again and work together in Coco Line, a business established with Mario’s stolen money.

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Hernan gradually woos the wife of his late friend to marry her for the girls who grew in rivalry to become stepsisters. How will the scene unfold when Luisa realizes that all the wealth the Salvadors had been enjoying over the years is rightfully hers and Mayumi’s?

End of The Stepdaughters Summary Full Story.

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