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Top 10 South African Soapie Teasers

Top 10 South African Soapie Teasers

Short advertising trailers for future episodes of well-liked soap operas that show on South African television are known as "South African soapie teas

Short advertising trailers for future episodes of well-liked soap operas that show on South African television are known as “South African soapie teasers.” These trailers provide viewers with a sneak peek at the plot twists and storylines that will be revealed in the next episodes.

They are made to arouse the audience’s interest and anticipation so that they would tune in and watch the show.

Teasers for soap operas frequently include dramatic sequences, cliffhangers, and unexpected turns in an effort to keep viewers interested in the program. Fans can use them to keep up with their favorite storylines, and producers can use them to advertise their shows and draw in more viewers.

South African soapie teasers are crucial to the promotion and success of these shows in a nation where soap operas have a devoted fan base and are a significant part of the television landscape.

Top 10 South African Soapie Teasers

The list below contains the best soap operas in South Africa. Check them out:

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7de Laan

South African soap opera 7de Laan was developed by Danie Odendaal and is put out by Danie Odendaal Productions. The series focuses on the daily lives of those who live in and around the Hillside suburbia town of 7de Laan (7th Avenue).

The majority of the conversation in the program is spoken in Afrikaans, with subtitles in English and Zulu interspersed. The Seventh Street in Melville, Johannesburg, is depicted on the opening graphics, along with its storefronts.


A South African soap opera called Scandal! (formerly The Voice) was created by Ochre Moving Pictures and shown on e.tv. It competes with SABC 1’s longest-running soap, Generations: The Legacy, for the title of one of the most popular soaps in South Africa. Additionally, it is carried on the eAfrica, e.tv Botswana and e.tv Ghana feed throughout all of Africa.

Giyani Land Of Blood

Tshedza Pictures is the producer of the South African telenovela drama series Giyani: Land of Blood. It is the first Xitsonga drama series produced since South Africa’s introduction of television. It debuted on SABC 2 on April 1, 2019. Season 2 premiered on SABC 2 on November 1st, 2021, from 21:30 to 22:00.

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House of Zwide

House of Zwide is a South African drama series on television. The Bomb Shelter and Videovision Entertainment co-produced the e.tv original production. Vusi Kunene, Khaya Dladla, Nefisa Mkhabela, and Winnie Ntshaba are among the actors who appear in the series.

Generations The Legacy

Mfundi Vundla is the creator and producer of the South African soap opera Generations: The Legacy. It is a recreation of the Vundla-created and -produced soap opera Generations, but with a ton of fresh and unique characters, places, and tones. In South Africa, it is the second most-watched television program.


DiepCity is a brand-new telenovela that centers on disillusioned young women who were driven into crime while in high school in order to make ends meet. It is produced by the award-winning writer and director of the hit drama Lockdown, Mandla N of Black Brain Productions.

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Anant Singh and Leleti Khumalo served as executive producers of the South African television drama series Imbewu: The Seed, which was created by Duma Ndlovu. The show is a Grapevine Productions original that was created for e.tv and distributed by the network.

Grapevine Productions is a collaboration of Word of Mouth Productions, Videovision Entertainment, and Luyks Productions. The show switched to eVOD on August 5, 2021. The telenovela on e.tv has been canceled as of January 2023 and will air its final episode in the first part of April 2023.


Seriti Films is the creator of the South African television drama series Gomora. The name of the show comes from the fact that it is filmed in Alexandra township. The tale of Gomora is one of inequality. It is about how thin the border between the rich and the poor may be.

It is an M-Net original production created for Mzansi Magic, M-local Net’s interest channel. Isthembiso, which had not been renewed for a fourth season, was replaced by the drama program. The television show chronicles the tale of two families who have quite different lives and how a catastrophe causes their paths to cross.


Duma Ndlovu is the author of the South African television soap opera Muvhango. An average of 4 million people watch it each day on the public television station SABC 2. The pilot episode debuted on April 7th, 1997.

It was the first Tshivenda-language TV drama, but it later adopted many languages to highlight how South African languages and cultures should be used to bring people together rather than divide them. The Muvhango inventor is of Zulu heritage and is fluent in all of the South African languages as well as Tshivenda.

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Skeem Saam

Winnie Serite is the creator of the South African soap opera Skeem Saam, which has been airing on SABC1 since 2011. Turfloop and Johannesburg are the locations of the show. Since it arrived, it has become more well-known, competing with Generations.

Skeem Saam is a SABC Education production that mostly targets young people. There have been ten seasons of it. Due to a sharp drop in viewers, the SABC announced in January 2021 that the show would cease production as of March 1.

The above list of South African Soapie Teasers is not arranged in any order of significance. Are you a fan of any of the above soap operas? Tell us which of the above soap operas is your favorite and why? We will be looking out for your comments and opinions below.

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