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Viral Scandal Cast and Characters

Viral Scandal Cast and Characters

Let's look at the Viral Scandal Cast and Characters. Viral Scandal is a captivating drama series that aired on the Kapamilya Channel in the Philippine

Let’s look at the Viral Scandal Cast and Characters. Viral Scandal is a captivating drama series that aired on the Kapamilya Channel in the Philippines in 2021. The show was directed by the talented duo of Dado C. Lumibao and Froy Allan Leonardo and starred Charlie Dizon, Jake Cuenca, and Dimples Romana in leading roles.

The series made its debut on the Primetime Bida evening block of Kapamilya Channel, A2Z, and TV5 on November 15, 2021. It was also aired worldwide via The Filipino Channel, allowing audiences from all over the world to watch and enjoy the show. The drama continued to captivate viewers for several months, concluding its run on May 13, 2022.

Viral Scandal replaced the popular drama series Huwag Kang Mangamba and was eventually succeeded by 2 Good 2 Be True. The show’s gripping storyline and excellent direction made it a hit with audiences, cementing its place as one of the most talked-about shows of 2021-2022.

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Viral Scandal Cast and Characters

Who played what role in the Viral Scandal? Check out and familiarize yourself with the cast and characters of the Viral Scandal Drama series.

Main Cast of Viral Scandal

Charlie Dizon as Architect Rica “Ikay” M. Sicat / Rica M. Ramones

A junior architect at Balai Arkitektura. She is Kakay’s oldest child, Dan’s stepdaughter, and Bea & Nico’s older half-sister. Her biological father is Mayor Troy Ramones, and this illegitimate parent-child relationship results in her and her mother becoming targets of scrutiny in Sidero. A video of her being raped by Jigs goes viral, and throughout the series, she fights with the trauma from that incident to come back strong, as well as to achieve justice for what happened to not only herself but to other victims of råpe.

Jake Cuenca as Mayor Troy Ramones

The mayor of Sidero chose to continue a relationship with Kakay despite his family’s plans for him to marry Audrey. He is the biological father of Rica and Raven, and Audrey’s husband. As the adoptive son of Alberto Ramones, he clashes with his family’s decisions, especially those that affect Rica and her family. Due to constant manipulation even after winning his political position, he was unable to stop his father’s acts of corruption. In the end, he resigned as the mayor and opens his hotel franchise.

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Dimples Romana as Karla “Kakay” Meneses-Sicat

A former OFW in Dubai, Dan’s wife, and mother to Rica, Bea, and Nico. She rushes back home, after finding out what happened to Rica, to become a housewife while selling clothing and accessories online. Known infamously in Sidero as Troy’s mistress, she left him due to the guilt of hurting Audrey due to loving Troy and bearing his child. Kakay, later on, meets Dan after Rica was born as she restarts her life anew.

Joshua Garcia as Architect Kyle Constantino

Founder and CEO of Balai Arkitektura who is traumatized by witnessing his father’s sudden death, and later becomes determined to find answers leading up to it. He first meets Rica after saving her from an attempt to take her own life.

Miko Raval as Danilo “Dan” Sicat

A furniture maker and part-time food delivery driver, Kakay’s husband, father to Nico & Bea, and step-father to Rica. He holds a grudge against the Ramones family for the pain they cause his family.

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Supporting Cast of Viral Scandal

Know the names of the supporting cast of Viral Scandal and the roles they played in the drama series. Supporting cast refers to other actors in the drama series either than the Viral Scandal Cast and Characters.

Markus Paterson as Councilor Diego “Jigs” S. Ramones

The councilor of Sidero harbors a history of rape behind his façade of a kind-hearted political figure. Bobby’s son and Alberto’s grandson. To prove himself to his friends, he decides to go after Rica after the latter previously rejected him during a retreat. Jigs eventually admitted to all his crimes.

Jameson Blake as Architect Axel Mateo

A senior architect at Balai Arkitektura, and Kyle’s long-time best friend. He witnessed what happened to Kyle’s father while they were in their college years.

Maxene Magalona as Audrey Ramones

Troy’s wife and Raven’s mother. She has felt insecure due to her husband’s affair with Kakay, and wastes no time showing how much she despises her, going as far as humiliating the Sicat family through defamation via her connections with the community and troll farms.

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Ria Atayde as Atty. Laura Dizon

A Sidero lawyer with a notable success rate who handles Rica’s case, and Troy’s friend.

Jong Cuenco as Cong. Alberto Ramones

The congressman of Sidero is determined to maintain his family’s positive reputation, even if it means covering up for his grandson’s crimes via corruption through his political connections. Bobby’s biological father, and Troy’s adoptive father. He suffered a stroke after reacting to Jigs confessing his actions, then is taken care of by Troy.

Gian Magdangal as Bobby Ramones

Alberto’s biological son, Troy’s adoptive brother, and Jigs’ father. He is in the shadows of his family’s political reign due to his failure to keep up with the legacy early on. Has a history of domestic violence against his former wife and Jigs’ mother, causing the woman to leave him and his son. He later killed himself by jumping off the same building where Philip Constantino fell.

Louise Abuel as Nico M. Sicat

A student at Sidero University, and the youngest child of the Sicat family. He is a gamer who helps out in his family’s endeavors to obtain justice for Rica.

Karina Bautista as Beatriz “Bea” M. Sicat

A student at Sidero University, and the middle child of the Sicat family. In the Ang Kulit Ng Pag-ibig spin-off, it is revealed that she had a crush on Pogs first, but eventually gives him the cold shoulder as he was oblivious to her feelings at the time. She idolizes Raven as the latter became her inspiration to boost her self-confidence.

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Aljon Mendoza as Leopoldo “Pogs” Ygot

A student at Sidero University and Bea’s classmate. He is Nico’s friend who has a crush on Bea. In the Ang Kulit Ng Pag-ibig spin-off, he does not notice Bea romantically until their high school junior prom.

Kaila Estrada as Raven Ramones

An interior designer and influencer, Troy and Audrey’s daughter, and Rica’s half-sister. Has a history of alcoholism to the point where she gets sent to rehab twice. Under influence of Audrey, she is threatened by Rica for being her father’s illegitimate daughter and getting Kyle’s attention. Raven defends her cousin Jigs against the allegations but eventually opens her eyes to the truth after knowing her close friend was also a victim and doing her investigation. She convinces Jigs to confess to making up for the pain she and Audrey inflicted on Rica and her family.

Arielle Roces as Rose Tantoco

The secretary of Balai Arkitektura was the initial victim of the Jigs’ rape scandal before Rica interfered.

Aya Fernandez as Ella Montecillo

Archie’s girlfriend who is diagnosed with breast cancer was another rape victim of Jigs.

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Vance Larena as Archie Soliman

Ella’s boyfriend, and a friend of Jigs who knows about his secret.

Angel Locsin and Bianca Gonzalez make cameo appearances as themselves via fictitious social media posts, in which both call out the Philippine Department of Justice for not granting the appeal to dismiss rape cases.

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