“Vulcania” (2015) Movie Review

“Vulcania” (2015) Movie Review

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It must be unfashionable to state that the Spanish film that speaks just of the Civil Battle and trimming too gamberras tv comedies, but regrettably still heard too many times.

And there is nothing further from the fact: the Spanish cinema, regardless of the difficulties, is experiencing one of its best periods in conditions of variety and courage.

A clear exemplary case of this is usually ‘Vulcania’, the directorial debut of Argentine Spanish adoption and birth, José Skaf.

Vulcania – The Review

Presented in the last Sitges Film Event, ‘Vulcania’ is definitely a drama of technology fiction, where in fact the supernatural, timelessness, and suspense of their events, they end up producing a dystopian story on the subject of course struggle and against the founded power.

A spending budget proposal is interesting that, despite its weaknesses, makes obvious our nation can do various things. Too poor that few people will understand their existence.

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Fighting power set

Scripted simply by Diego Soto, ‘Vulcania’ blends drama, science fiction, and suspense to tasladarnos a little commercial community where nothing is what it seems. He lives there, Jonah, who following the loss of life of his family members, will start work on probably the most dangerous careers in the foundry middle of the village. Due to the threat of their function, Jonah develops an unusual power that makes an effort to hide what you should.

When it seemed that had already adapted to their fresh and lonely life, he’ll cross his path, Marta, a woman who intrigues him. Therefore Jonah tries you should what is the trick that maintains Marta, and at exactly the same time, can be the key that may shake the foundations of the mystical community where they live.

A premise that a priori might not appear like anything special, in ‘Vulcania’ is actually suggestive. In fact, it is suggestive that manages to produce this dystopian universe, with very clear reminiscences of Spanish labor motion in Barcelona nineteenth and systems developing chain, they created nearly, almost sectarian communities. Haven’t any existence beyond the factory and live submissive to the programs of the sovereign mind, in addition, to choosing their working hours, and determining how they live, interact, and how they spend their leisure hours.

A community of slave laborers converted into society without identification and without their own ideals ​​and that is possibly applied both to the nineteenth century and our occasions. But luckily, there’s always a rebellion against the setup purchase, and José Skaf right here presents a rebellious prophet called Jonah. Quiet and observant and mystical powers controlling steel will become responsible not really settle and make an effort to uncover the lies of the effective.

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However, the supernatural personality of ‘Vulcania’, but makes an effort to be therefore natural and therefore subtle, ends staying halfway and the viewer may stay with the necessity to have deepened additional on the problem. And mainly because happens with both main characters, Martha and jonah, playing the melancholy and mystery, a successful placement, although its inscrutability can perform methods when you empathize most with them.

Dystopia and its own inhabitants

Luckily, ‘Vulcania’ has much more favorable than negative aspects and one of these, furthermore to his criticism of the abuse of power, is its staging that helps reinforce all of this dystopian world that will require timeless history. From the chilly and gray photograph -held by Emilio Guirao- up your closet or production style that recreates that outdated factory, which gets to heights retrofuturistic.

An area that inhabits the faces of Miquel Fernández How very well get him back again to film after ‘La Gran Familia Spanish’ (Daniel Sánchez Arévalo, 2013), on your skin of Jonah; Aura Garrido, the defenseless Marta -could have already been a more active- personality; Jose Sacristan and his effective voice as the design that gives the facial skin or Ginés García Millán and Silvia Abril. A fantastic cast that appears comfortable within their characters, but whose secrecy will not permit them to go further.

You might ‘Vulcania’ is definitely not a round film, but really worth a go for different reasons: either because of its fantastic bill considering its extremely tight budget, its distribution or that political and social criticism or even philosophical reflection freedom and own our destinations.

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And most importantly, ‘Vulcania’ is an obvious example that Spanish filmmakers can handle much more than keep them. And progress with a task like Joseph Skaf, without dying in the attempt, therefore interesting and suggestive as those of ‘Vulcania’, well deserves our most sincere admiration outcomes. We prefer to know what he’ll earn for his second task.

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