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The Nikon Photo Contest is an international photo contest that has been held since 1969 by Nikon Corporation. It is an opportunity for photograp [...]
Pains of Ignorance, Accra, Ghana | Malex Praise is a Ghana-based Nigerian music producer and film director. He has been in the industry for years work [...]
You don't want to know what The Weirdest Film Festival in The World is, do you? Okay, I see you are stilll here and it only means one thing. There are [...]
‘Brooklyn’ is among those “little” films which have snuck into the Oscars competition, which aims to raise adapted screenplay (Nick Hornby), the Most [...]
The OSCAR 2016 Gala | It has been the big gala film and also has divided the Academy Awards American Film most likely the most anticipated of the enti [...]
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