To rank my top  For est  Luxury Hotels
1. Pagani
2. Ferrari
3. Lamborghini
(Hmm.. I might just be a sucker for Italian design and engineering..)
4. Porsche
5. Aston Martin

IMO all of these strike a good balance between sheer performance and social relevance. You can go on a satisfying track day and also show up at showoff-y car conventions with these.


As not everyone’s opinion would be the same, it all depends on the kinda lifestyle you live or the statement you wanna make.Ferrari is for someone who loves driving and appreciates purity in performance. BMW is also a driver’s car. While Audi and Merc tend to be the chauffer driven types.

Lamborghini is for loud looks and loud engine notes. The new W motors car Lycan Hypersport can also be the same type.


Pagani is kinda like Ferrari, reaching for hypercar territory and also loud in looks and sounds like Lamborghini. IMO, the ultimate status symbol.(especially the limited edition ones)

Koenigsegg and Bugatti are both alright looking cars but give the owners bragging right for having the fastest car in a straight line.

Aston Martins for the James Bond statement.

Porsche have some great cars but they seem to lack the social impact of the rest.. But they do have well known prestige.





McLarens are fantastic performance cars but they seem to lack ‘social value’

Japanese performance cars are outstanding and efficient.. But again, won’t impress anyone who doesn’t know about cars.

Then there are the Luxury cars from Bentley, Rolls, Maybach, Jaguar, etc.. They just ooze ‘luxury’.. Not really interested in those so can’t say much.



Keep in mind though, this is all just popular opinion and is very biased and generalized. Please don’t take any of this as a fact, it’s all my own opinion. Hope I helped and let me know if I missed any! (I know I haven’t mentioned every manufacturer in the world)

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