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Senior Year 2022 Full Summary, Plot and Cast

Senior Year 2022 Full Summary, Plot and Cast

Senior Year 2022 Full Summary The movie "Senior Year 2022" features an ensemble cast. Rebel Wilson portrays the main character, Stephanie "Step

  • Senior Year 2022 Full Summary

The movie “Senior Year 2022” features an ensemble cast. Rebel Wilson portrays the main character, Stephanie “Steph” Conway, with Angourie Rice playing her teenage version. Mary Holland plays Martha “Marth” Reiser, Molly Brown portrays the teenage Martha, and Sam Richardson takes on the role of Seth Novacelik, with Zaire Adams as the teenage Seth. Zoë Chao plays Tiffany “Tiff” Blanchette-Balbo, and Ana Yi Puig portrays the teenage Tiffany.

Justin Hartley is Blaine Balbo, with Tyler Barnhardt playing the teenage version.

Other notable cast members include Chris Parnell as Jim Conway, Avantika Vandanapu as Janet Singh, Joshua Colley as Yaz, Jade Bender as Britney Jean “Bri” Balbo, Michael Cimino as Lance Harrison, Jeremy Ray Taylor as Neil, and Brandon Scott Jones as Mr. T.

The film also includes cameos by Alicia Silverstone as Deanna Russo, Lucy Taylor as Lydia Conway, and Merrick McCartha as Principal Young.

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Senior Year 2022 Full Summary

A Quest for Popularity

In 1999, Stephanie Conway, a 14-year-old Australian immigrant, decides to transform herself into one of “the populars” after a disappointing birthday party. Through a makeover and various achievements, Stephanie becomes one of the most popular girls in her high school by senior year, with aspirations of becoming prom queen.

Sabotage and Coma

During preparations for prom, Stephanie faces opposition from Blaine’s ex-girlfriend, Tiffany, who fears Stephanie might win the prom queen title. Tiffany convinces her friends to sabotage Stephanie’s cheer performance, resulting in a coma-inducing accident.

Awakening and Rekindling Friendships

In 2022, Stephanie wakes up from her coma at the age of 37 and returns home with the support of her father and friend Martha. She discovers that Tiffany and Blaine are now married and living in a mansion. Determined to finish her senior year, Stephanie rejoins the school, where she reunites with Seth, who now works as the librarian.

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The Changing High School Landscape

Stephanie finds that the positions of prom king and queen have been abolished, and cheerleaders are no longer considered popular. Social media and sanitized routines have diluted the vibrancy of school life. Stephanie strives to regain her popularity through social media, ultimately achieving viral success with a daring cheer routine.

Reconciliation and Redemption

Stephanie’s success strains her friendship with Martha, who felt abandoned during Stephanie’s popularity-seeking phase. However, their friendship is rekindled during a movie outing and drinks at Rock N’ Bowl. Stephanie opens up about her desire to make her late mother proud by becoming prom queen.

Prom Queen Drama and Reflection

Tiffany manipulates the reinstatement of the prom king and queen contest but invites everyone except Stephanie to a post-prom party. Stephanie, unaware of this, hosts her own party at Martha’s lake house. Seth accompanies Stephanie to prom but is hurt when he sees Blaine making an unwanted advance. Eventually, Stephanie becomes prom queen, garnering support from the school.

Lessons Learned and Forgiveness

On her way home, Stephanie encounters a middle-aged Deanna Russo, who warns her about the consequences of prioritizing popularity over personal growth. Bri, Tiffany’s daughter, forces Tiffany to apologize to Stephanie and encourages her to prioritize her daughter’s well-being.

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Transformation and Reconciliation

Stephanie reflects on her past mistakes, tears down her popularity board, and contemplates skipping graduation. However, with encouragement from her father, she attends the ceremony. Stephanie apologizes to her friends and followers, promising to be her authentic self. At graduation, her friends and family secretly organize a cheer routine for her. Stephanie reconciles with Martha, kisses Seth, and invites Tiffany to join them on stage, finally achieving the move she missed out on twenty years earlier.

Cast of Senior Year 2022

  • Rebel Wilson as Stephanie “Steph” Conway
  • Angourie Rice as teen Stephanie
  • Mary Holland as Martha “Marth”
  • Reiser Molly Brown as teen Martha
  • Sam Richardson as Seth
  • Novacelik Zaire Adams as teen Seth
  • Zoë Chao as Tiffany “Tiff” Blanchette-Balbo
  • Ana Yi Puig as teen Tiffany
  • Justin Hartley as Blaine Balbo
  • Tyler Barnhardt as teen Blaine
  • Chris Parnell as Jim Conway
  • Avantika Vandanapu as Janet Singh
  • Joshua Colley as Yaz
  • Jade Bender as Britney Jean “Bri” Balbo”
  • Michael Cimino as Lance Harrison
  • Jeremy Ray Taylor as Neil Brandon
  • Scott Jones as Mr. T

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  • Alicia Silverstone as Deanna Russo
  • Lucy Taylor as Lydia Conway
  • Merrick McCartha as Principal Young

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