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Love by Chance Full Story Starlife

Love by Chance Full Story Starlife

Do you want to know what happened in Love by Chance Full Story? Don't worry, I already know why you are here. Love by Chance is one of the most-watche

Do you want to know what happened in Love by Chance Full Story? Don’t worry, I already know why you are here. Love by Chance is one of the most-watched telenovelas on Starlife TV. Today I am providing you the full story to help you know what really happened at the end. Spoiler Alert!

Love by Chance Full Story

Anubhav is a scientist and a family-oriented guy. He stays with his extended family, which takes their traditional values seriously. On the other hand, Gungun is a beautiful lady from a wealthy family. Unfortunately, her mother abandons her at a young age. For this reason, she grows under the care of her father.

She hates her mother, and the hate has negatively affected her. She is a spoiled brat who gets anything she wants, no matter the circumstance. Professionally, she is the CEO and Chief Editor at Jeet Network.

When she attains the age of getting married, her father and Anubhav’s family arrange a marriage between her and Anubhav. The two fiercely disagree with the decision. To them, planned marriage is a thing of the past that does not have to exist in the current generation.

In one way or another, they finally agree to make the marriage work. Then, however, they sign an agreement to end the marriage if things do not work between them. Ultimately, their families help them to make wedding preparations, but the wedding is postponed due to an instance involving Anubhav’s family.

Akiriti is also in love with Anubhav. So she is not happy about Gungun marrying her love interest. Gungun approaches her to make amends because she also hates her mother and regards her as a failure.

The Wedding Resumes – Love by Chance Full Story Starlife

The incident involving Anu’s uncle is solved, and the wedding resumes. However, the marriage is called off again after Maya’s mother insults Anu’s family. Furthermore, Akiriti and Maya join forces to divide them more so she can have him alone. And to some extent, she succeeds.

The hate Gungun has towards her mother grows. Nonetheless, she goes to Anu’s house accompanied by his father. They apologize for what happened at the wedding and leave. Then, out of anger, she flees home. Unfortunately, she is involved in an accident and taken to the hospital.

After recuperating, she gets a call from his boyfriend, Ronny. He requests her to join him on a trip with his friends. Initially, she turns down his offer. However, she does so because she intends to attend a wedding between Anubhav and Akiriti.

The Trip – Love by Chance Full Story Starlife

Eventually, she agrees to join Ronny and his friends on the trip. She takes with her the rigs so that she can gift him when she is back. Ronny, however, has ill intentions toward her. He wants to marry her without her consent. To make matters worse, he calls Anu and brags about marrying Gungun.

Despite being his wedding day, he leaves the venue to save her. Luckily, he manages to, but something unlikely happens. He performs a marriage ritual that makes him Gungun’s husband, but not entirely. Afterward, the police arrests Ronny and Anu go back to wed Akiriti.

Gungun attends the wedding to gift him the ring. But unfortunately, she is informed about her father’s illness at the wedding. Sadly, her father succumbs to a heart attack when she arrives at the house. She is heartbroken by her father’s death. During her father’s ashes veneration ceremony, she contemplates suicide. Luckily, Anu saves her. Akiriti, however, gets mad at him for always standing with Gungun.

Ronny Blackmails Anu – Love by Chance Full Story Starlife

Ronny comes back and blackmails Anu. He threatens Anu that he will expose their marriage photo if she does not marry him.

Eventually, Maya forces her to marry Ronny. However, she takes many sleeping pills on the wedding day and becomes unconscious. Despite Ronny being present, Anubhav brings Gungun to the hospital, where she is treated. However, her mother insists they should tie the knot once she regains consciousness.

Once she gains consciousness, she tells Doctor Uncle about her circumstance. The doctor allows Anubhav to conduct marital rituals at the hospital before her mother and Ronny arrives. However, Akiriti becomes furious once she learns about Anu’s deed.

Later, Charu makes Anu promise that he will never meet Gungun again. He keeps the promise. After two years, Anu’s dean makes a call to him back home. However, Sunanda is the one who receives the call. She congratulates him and informs him about the appointment letter she sent him. However, he turns down the dean’s offer and insists he wants to work for his country.

She also congratulates him for winning an international award. The family is happy, and they allow come together to celebrate him. In his interview with reporters, he attributes his success to Gungun, whom he refers to as his wife from the US.

Gungun Returns from America – Love by Chance Full Story Starlife

Gungun, on the other hand, comes back from the US to give back to society through philanthropy. She buys an orphanage run by an NGO. Coincidentally, Anubhav is affiliated with the orphanage, and the kids love him.

Finally, the two meet, and Gungun gives her flowers to congratulate him on winning an international award. They become emotional during their first encounter and hug while the kids sing. They also sing and dance together with the kids in joy while flashbacking about their past.