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Hidden Motives Episode 1

Hidden Motives Episode 1

Hidden Motives Episode 1 - The New Neighbours Jerome moved the curtain aside, he peep through the window as he watched the big Jeep drive in and park

Hidden Motives Episode 1 – The New Neighbours

Jerome moved the curtain aside, he peep through the window as he watched the big Jeep drive in and park, followed by a big truck filled with loads of things.

“This must be the new tenants”.

He said to Kago, his friend that came around to visit him.

Kago rushed to the window where Jerome was looking through.

They both watched as a couple stepped down from the Jeep.

The man said something to the lady and she smiled.

Kago’s jaw dropped “damn it.. mehnn! This lady is too beautiful, fresh, and sweet. See skin like glass…”

“Remove your eyes from another man’s property. She’s obviously married…” Jerome said while fixing his eyes properly on the woman.

“What if she is the guy’s sister or some relative? The guy is not wearing a ring but she is. Doesn’t that means anything to you..? Kago asked.

“It still doesn’t change the fact that she is a married woman. Go home and propose to your girlfriend if marriage is entering your eyes…”

Kago laughs hysterically. “Jerome, you are not serious. I was actually joking… I stay off married women. I don’t trade close to other men’s wives. I wouldn’t want to start dragging my future wife with another man…”

Jerome positioned himself properly, he looked on as the four hefty boys that came with the truck began to offload things. While two were carrying it into the new apartment, the other two were busy offloading.

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The lady was walking around the compound with her supposed man beside her.

They will talk, laugh, and hold each other’s hands in a romantic style.

Kago tapped Jerome, and he turned. “What..?

“Haven’t you seen enough of your new neighbors? Let’s go and continue our game.

Jerome sighed annoyingly as he returned his gaze to the window. “Indeed she is really beautiful…and looks rich..”

“Hey, guy… the girl you warned me a few minutes ago that I should stay off that she is married. You’re not left out of the advice. You better not go and fall for her charms. My situation is still better I have a girlfriend, but yours is tota…

Jerome interrupted by pushing Kago off the way as he stood.

“I’m going to go and say hello. At least I need to welcome the new tenants to the compound. Stay here… I will be right back…”

Kago followed Jerome as he was walking to the door.

“Where are you going Kago?

“To welcome our new neighbors. Is something wrong…?” Kago said while pretending not to notice Jerome’s annoyance.

“they’re my neighbor, not yours…not ours. go and sit down Kago, stop following me. We can’t go together since we don’t live together. Besides, you only want to go and check out another man’s wife and that is very bad. I won’t let you do that…”

Kago laughed sarcastically. “Relax man, I don’t have any negative motive. I only wanted to follow you so that I can equally welcome them and maybe admire the woman in a closer range. Okay ooh … you can go. I will be in here…”

Jerome suddenly walked out leaving Kago.

He saw the lady and her man heading toward their apartment.

He walked up to them with a full smile on his face

” I’m Jerome, your neighbor.  I live in a two-bedroom apartment close to the quarters.  Welcome to the neighborhood…”

The man stretched out his hand and shakes Jerome.

“Thanks, Jerome, my name is Silas and this is my wife. Lucinda…”

The lady exclaimed, interrupting her husband

“Oh wow… Thank you, Jerome. The compound is clean and the neighborhood is cool. I like it here…my husband loves it too. Do you stay here with your family or you are alone? How long have you been living here?

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” Four years and I stay alone. You will love it here. Although is quite expensive but is worth the stress. It used to be just me with one other tenant. The man is hardly around and I heard he will be relocating soon to another state to be with his family. I’m glad that I won’t be alone in this big compound if he finally leaves…”

Silas laughed while shaking him again.

“Come around later tonight, if you’re free. let’s do a proper introduction with one or two drinks, by then everything in the house will be put in place…”

“I will be doing my first cooking in the house tonight. Since you’re a single… bachelor, come over and have a taste of my cooking. I used to run a big restaurant with my Mum years ago. The cooking gift is still there. My husband can testify to that..” Lucinda said happily.

“Yes honey, your cooking is the best in the universe. Silas replied as he bent over and peck his wife.

Jerome who was almost carried away with Lucinda’s beauty replied.

“Thanks for the invite. I can’t wait to have a taste of your delicious meal. Singlehood is hard…I envy you, Silas. Hahahaha! I will definitely be at your table for dinner. Thanks for inviting me for dinner, I will try and bring dessert…”

“That too will be arranged. Come with nothing…we will be glad to serve you Jerome” Lucinda said while walking towards her door.

Silas and Jerome had another handshake. Just when they were about to leave Kago showed up, ignoring Jerome who couldn’t hide his displeasure.

He tries to introduce himself to Silas with a handshake

Kago waved to Lucinda who turned the moment Kago showed up

Lucinda walked back to them

“Welcome to the neighborhood, we’re very pleased to have you…” Kago said happily.

Silas was about to ask if he was a brother to Jerome

Jerome who was not pleased with his friend interrupted Kago’s happy moment

“He’s my friend. He doesn’t live around here…”

“Well, I may not live here but I spend most of my time here so that makes us neighbors. You have a beautiful wife…I must say. I admire good things when I see one…”

Silas nodded with a smile, Lucinda who was standing a few feet away, moved closer and said.

“Thanks. since you’re Jerome’s close pal, please come over to the house tonight and dine with us…”

“Oh wow, thanks, madam. Sorry, I didn’t introduce myself fully, call me Kago, I’m a banker and Jerome is a great friend and we spend time a lot…mostly on weekends. Personally, I’m happy to meet you and your husband. If you need anything, just let us know. We will be pleased to help…”

Jerome stylishly started pushing his friend away.

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Kago kept talking even as he followed Jerome.

“…I will be there at dinner. They say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Maybe I will get to fall in love… with the food, the house, and maybe the cook too. Hahahaha Thanks for the invite… I… I.

Lucinda and Silas smiled at Kago’s funny personality. They walked into their new apartment.

Jerome dragged Kago inside

“Guy, What’s up with you? I asked you to stay inside here. Must you come out to show yourself and embarrassed me? Can’t you see that the new neighbors have class, they don’t deal with trash…”

Kago push him away and said acting annoyed.

“So I’m the trashy one right? Okay…I have heard you. Let the time come for dinner so that I can go and eat and be going to my house. I will leave you with your classy neighbor…”

“I expected you to be angry and leave. I don’t mind if you start going to your house now. Look at the way you were openly admiring another man’s wife and even making funny remarks… when you said a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. She must be very embarrassed with such a senseless comment from you, her husband must be thinking I’m keeping lunatics as friends…” Jerome said still angry

“Guy, you’re taking this whole thing seriously. I bet you they did not even think twice about what I said. With the way you’re taking this whole thing, you’re beginning to smell like cockroaches. You are becoming sneaky and suspicious…”

Kago’s phone beeped, he checked and smile.

“… Kira is coming around, let me leave you with your classy neighbors. Kira’s food tastes far better than any other. I will eat and eat again until I can no longer eat…”

Jerome burst out laughing “bye bye. I bet your girlfriend’s food can’t come close to Lucinda’s…”

Kago began to laugh

“You’re not even ashamed boasting with another man’s wife. I thought I was the bad guy… they don’t know that you’re the baddest. Hope you told them about your woman? Have a great time with your neighbors…eat only what is presented and go home. For your information Kira’s food is unbeatable.

Jerome followed him to his car which was parked outside.

They threw a few words at each other before Kago finally drove off.

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