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Best Friends in The World Cast Real Names

Best Friends in The World Cast Real Names

Are you looking for Best Friends in The World Cast Real Names? Well, I already know why you are here so there is no need to answer my question. Best F

Are you looking for Best Friends in The World Cast Real Names? Well, I already know why you are here so there is no need to answer my question. Best Friends in the World is a teen-themed web series produced by Neptune3 Studio.

Neptune3 Studios debuted the first episode via their YouTube channel. This indie film production company’s way of telling the current generation’s story is remarkable. This has amassed them a little over 1 million subscribers (as of the time of writing this article) on YouTube and still counting.

Mastering their craft, they have admitted to the fact that earlier episodes were not of quality film standards and that they have learned and improved. The story becomes more interesting, full of suspense, and entertaining episode-after-episode. Every new episode comes out better than the previous one.

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Okay, now that I have told you a bit about Best Friends in The World and Neptune3 Studios, let’s get to the reason why we are here, Best Friends in The World Cast Real Names.

Best Friends in the World Cast Real Names

Ride with me as I reveal to you the Best Friends in the World cast real names.

Each member of the cast is real good at acting and played their respective roles in the web series as if it were real life. Very talented and energetic folks!

The series has attracted the attention of many young people around the world, mostly Africans; this has helped in the growth of their audience and increased the retention rate.

1. Olive – Jeiel Damina

Jeiel Damina plays Olive, the lead female character in the web series, a role she fits perfectly. Without a doubt, her impressive acting talent is visible by the way she gives her character’s persona immense power. One can hardly distinguish between the personality and the real person – she does it so well.

Jeiel Damina was born on September 4, 2002, and she is only 16 years old. This means that being part of Best Friends in the World cast is an excellent platform for her to nurture her young acting skills.

Jeiel comes from a family of three girls, and interestingly, her two sisters are the producers of the show. The three sisters, who are daughters of a famous televangelist, have formed a band called Triple J plus.

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2. Adam – Emmanuel Esiet

Emanuel Esiet plays Adam, who is the lead male character in the web series. The director made an incredible choice for assigning him the role. His acting prowess is terrific and being young, hardly 20 years old, Adam has a long way to go in the entertainment industry.

Esiet is a 200-level student at the University of Uyo where he is currently based. Since web series have a broad audience, Emmanuel is gaining significant momentum, and considering his fantastic acting skills; he is bound for a promising future in the entertainment industry.

3. Esther – Inemesit Alfred

Inemesit Alfred is part of the cast and crew of Best Friends in the World web series, playing Esther. Esther is Olive’s close friends, and she advises her on most things. She is always there for Olive regardless of the circumstance. Does her television character depict her true nature?

Inemesit was born on June 5, 1999, and is now 20 years old, her whole career ahead of her. She has incredible acting skills that are inborn and learned as well. Inemesit studied acting at the University of Uyo.

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Inemesit has acted in numerous plays at the university that has improved her acting aptitudes. One of the most amazing things about Inemesit that makes her character shine is that she is a jovial person in real life. She likes having fun, and you can notice this character from her social media posts.

4. David – Wisdom Esin Kingsley

Wisdom Esin plays David in the web series – a ladies’ guy and a Casanova. His character, David, is average academically and a talented musician and bandleader. In the web series, it is clear that Wisdom is one of the most pivotal characters giving the audience the best entertainment.

Wisdom hails from the Niger Delta region and is the firstborn in a family of five. Interestingly, Wisdom not only acts but is good with musical instruments. He plays the saxophone and guitar amazingly well.

5. Grace – Emanuella Nwaneto

If you were looking for Best Friends in the World cast names, you would be glad to know that Emanuella Nwaneto plays Grace. She is Nigerian and is about 20 years old. Although she is mostly known for acting, Emanuella Namweto loves modelling.

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6. Maria – Gloria Etim

Gift Etim plays the role of Maria Marshall in Best Friends In The World.

7. Romeo – Israel Henry

Israel Henry plays the role of Romeo in Best Friends In The World.

8. Irish Azuka – Amarachi Ihezuo

Amarachi Ihezuo plays the role of Iris Azucar in Best Friends In The World.

9. Archie – Emmanuel Nse

Emmanuel Nse plays the role of Archie, Esthers boyfriend in Best Friends In The World.

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10. Evelyn – Esther Stonia Etim

Esther Stonia Etim plays the role of Evelyn in Best Friends In The World. She is the daughter of the proprietor of Lighthouse High School (LHS).

11. Gloria – Chloe Janefrancess Ifeanyi

She played the role of Gloria Mbotodem, sister to the most popular guy on LHS campus, Senior Romeo.

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